After weeks of fried eggs and tortillas for breakfast, we couldn’t believe our luck when we found this cosy café in San Blas, Mexico, having granola on their menu. Homemade, served with thick, creamy yoghurt and pieces of banana, pineapple and papaya. With a drizzle of honey to finish it off. Heavenly! It is very easy to make your own granola. This is my version but do feel free to add other nuts and seeds and stuff according to your own preference.

My granola is adapted from Jamie’s recipe in ‘Ministry of food’.

Makes one large jar

200 g rolled oats
150 g mixed nuts ( I used walnuts, pecan and hazelnuts)
50 g mixed seeds (I used sunflower, sesame, pumpkin and lin)
50 g desiccated coconut
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp cardamom
100 g dried fruits (I used raisins and cranberries but dried apricots and dates are tasty too)
5 tbsp honey
5 tbsp sunflower oil

Heat the oven to 175°C.
Cover a baking tray with a baking sheet. Put the oats, nuts, seeds, coconut and spices on the baking tray. Stir and smooth out a bit. Add the honey and oil, stir and smooth about again. Place the tray in the oven for about 15-20 minutes. Every 5 minutes or so, take out the Granola and stir and smooth out. Do keep a close eye on it as it burns easily!
When the granola is nice and golden, remove from the oven. Mix in the dried fruit and let cool.
Serve with yoghurt or milk and fresh fruit.
You can keep the Granola in an airtight container for about 2 weeks.