Eric and myself met in Prague exactly 14 years ago (yesterday was our anniversary day!). So this city is very special to us and we try to go back on a regular basis. Last month we had the opportunity to go again, this time to celebrate my father in law who recently turned 70. I have visited Prague in all seasons and in all sorts of weather but this time it was magical. The temperature had dropped to below -15°C or more, it had snowed, the sun was shining and the whole city looked like an ice palace. Breathtaking!

When it is that cold you can only enjoy the outside for so long time, so the coffee/drink breaks between the sights were quite a few. Our favourite for many years is Café Slavia, a grand place dating back to 1881 and a popular place for artists and intellectuals. It’s great for people watching and to enjoy the stunning views of the castle are you lucky enough to get a table at the riverside. The prices are good and they serve tasty Czech and international food throughout the day. Recommended is the pancake filled with grilled salmon and apple. The beetroot carpaccio with shaved parmesan and pistachios is also fantastic.

Another place worth visiting which also has loads of character and history is the Café Savoy across the bridge in Mala Strana. Close by you also find museum Kampa, a contemporary art museum displaying pieces from Central European artists. Intriguing art and the building it self is lovely with great views over the river. Further, what I love about Prague (being such a sweet tooth!) are the abundance of delicious cakes and pastries. Try find a traditional cukrárna (pastry shop) and spend hours choosing and indulging in your favourite(s)!

Another thing I love about Prague is the beer drinking culture. Pivo (beer) is still cheap, glasses are still huge and you never have to walk far to find a good place to enjoy one. We love to hang around the Betlemska square where lots of good places are found, Betlemske Kaple is definitely worth mentioning. Food is good here too  and I just love the whole grilled trout with almonds. Recipe is coming up soon!

For a more traditional place for a beer I would recommend Druhej Svet, you find it not far from the National museum. And for a more modern approach, try one of the bars/restaurants from Staropramen. We were very surprised with the hip yet comfy interior, the modern czech food was delicious and service was above standard.

Visiting Prague over the past 16 years or so, a few things have definitely changed for the better when it comes to dining out. Service is so much better, places are modern and fresh and the food is still czech but with a modern twist to it. We were pleasantly surprised!
A last place well worth mentioning is Radost FX and even though we didn’t have time to visit this time it still is my top hang out spot in Prague. Radost has a café, a (vegetarian) restaurant, a lounge and a night club. Eric and I went here on the night we met, lounging about, eating and chatting untill the wee hours in the morning. It’s cool but very romantic at the same time!