About me

My name is Veronica. I have 2 passions in life. One is food. The other is travel. In this blog I am combining the 2, tickling you with delicious recipes from around the world. Originally I am from Sweden but have lived the past 10 years in the Netherlands, with my Dutchie Eric. Not only is he the one I share travel and cooking/eating experiences with. He is also kind enough to stand in as my photographer.

With my blog I want to spread the pleasure of cooking. And hopefully you might pick up some fun travel tips too! All my recipes are easy to make, delicious and cooked with (as much as possible) fresh produce. I follow a vegetarian and fish diet so you will not find any meat dishes here.

In my daily life I work in a hospital as a registered dietitian. I am very passionate about my job! I love helping people to gain insight in their food/health related behaviour and to stimulate, motivate and support them to change these behaviours. It’s a very rewarding job!

For any ideas, comments or feedback on my blog, or just to say hello, do send me an email:

You can also find me on this page on Facebook. Here I post tips about other food and travel blogs worth reading, restaurant reviews, ideas on what to cook for dinner or breakfast and what to serve to your guests.

3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hi Veronica! I nominated you as a Versatile Blogger here: http://somethingswedish.wordpress.com/2012/04/16/versatile-blog-award/

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